Hair Products

Shampoo and conditioner

I’ve recently started using Loreal’s ever pure sulphate free shampoo. This is supposed to be the best thing for dry and damaged hair and I can truly say I love it! It makes my hair smell and feel great and you hardly need to use any of the shampoo because it lathers up so well. The shampoo and conditioner cost 5.99 each in boots and are definitely a good buy as I feel like they are kind to my hair.



One thing I have read a lot of online is that you should NEVER brush or comb your hair when wet.  Now although this does make sense in some ways I just don’t find it practical at all. Especially when I am no longer blow drying and leaving my hair to dry naturally.  It just ended up getting tangled and drying horribly. I tried the recommended wide tooth comb but I found even this was pulling on my hair.  A few friends then recommended the Tangle Tamer brush which was featured on dragons den a few years ago.  There are a few copies of this now so I picked one up for £4 at a hairdressing wholesalers and haven’t looked back! Nothing glides through my hair like it both wet and dry.  I don’t feel like there is any pull on my hair however I do make sure that I brush from the bottom then work my way up. I really do believe this has played a big part in my hair getting stronger and not breaking because of it.


Hair clips

Working in a school I generally wore my hair up as I was always scared that I might catch some visitors if I got too close to the children! I used hair bobbles and usuAlly had a high ponytail or a twisted top knot.  Since doing my research I’ve realised that tight bobbles really don’t do your hair any good and can cause a lot of breakage even if you use the ones without metal which I did. I invested in some medium sized clips which I now use to either scrape half my hair back into or do that same twisted knot but securing with a clip instead of a bobble.  I must admit it’s not the most fashionable of hairstyles but it’s perfect for me at work.



Since starting my journey all I have read about is the holy grail that is coconut oil! I’ve tried hard to do a coconut oil hair mask every couple of weeks.  I simply melt a couple of spoon fills in the microwave and work it through my hair. I then would wear a shower cap to create the ‘greenhouse’ effect.  This does make my hair super soft once washed out and has probably helped to keep my hair healthy.  To me it is quite a lot of effort to do and the results haven’t been amazing for me but I will keep at it for now because everyone else really does rave about it.


And that’s it! I no longer use shelves and shelves of hair products like I did before. This is as minimal as it gets for me although I know some people use even less. At the moment this works for me and is affordable and relatively hassle free.


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