My Starting Point

I have always dreamt of long hair and never managed to get my hair past shoulder length before getting bored with the length and style and cutting it back into my signature bob haircut. Everybody has always said to me “oh but you suit short hair.” This was always why I would cut my hair when I got impatient because I knew that it did suit me.

In July last year after a friend of mine got bonded extensions I decided to finally get my dream of long hair for the small price of £180. My hair at the time had stayed at a stagnant shoulder length for over a year after regular highlighting, blow drying straightening and a complete hair colour change to ginger.  This had clearly only just maintained my length and I was getting so tired of waiting for a miracle so I saved up and had the bonds put in.


Here is a photo of my before and after with extensions. I loved having my extensions, despite finding them extremely uncomfortable for the first 2 weeks and a pain to wash and dry! But I finally had my princess hair length. I kept them in for the maximum 12 weeks and felt that I had maintained them extremely well. I had them taken out by the same person that put them in and afterwards I was very disappointed with the condition of my hair. I could feel chunks of it being pulled as the bonds were removed (I think she was just in a rush and had another client on the way) and even more came out as I washed my hair. So in august 2013 I was left with no option but to cut my ratty hair back into a bob.


I maintained this length with a few cuts until around November time and then it naturally went back to shoulder length without any real effort other than holding out on trims for a few weeks longer. I continued to have my hair highlighted blonde and trimmed every 2 months and still blow dried and straightened it every other day. I still wanted longer hair but just thought that patience was the key.  It wasn’t until August 2014 that I started to research how I could get my hair to the length I wanted, quicker so that I wouldn’t end up getting bored and cutting it off when it got to an awkward length. And so my journey to long hair began.

My hair length August 2014

My hair length August 2014

In this blog I will be posting progress pictures as well as tips and tricks for growing long and healthy hair. This is in the hope that it will motivate me to keep going so that I can get the natural long hair I’ve always wanted!


4 thoughts on “My Starting Point

  1. Wow! I applaud your determination to have long and beautiful hair.
    Just keep in mind that what you want for you is always the most valid opinion, and what other people think is never as important as what you want for yourself. Always.


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